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As Everest exclaims that Harold now has the meteor and Mayor Humdinger, Zuma expresses his anger but accidentally sprays Marshall with a jet of water. As the Lookout exits the Earth’s orbit, Chase concludes that they must remove the meteor from the robot for it to stop working, and that they must start finding where it is. As Cap’n Turbot inspects the meteor, Everest passes by them, asking them to duck and they immediately evacuate, however, without Harold. Not sold in stores . Ryder then answers that he has built a Lookout launcher for them to reach the top. Soon after, the ground around them begins to shake and the Lookout starts glowing. Ryder soon reaches Chase with corn treats and asks him to fill his ball launcher with them to lure Chickaletta down to safety. Soon after, the meteor crash lands into Adventure Beach, with the sand cushioning its fall. When Mayor Humdinger and his nephew trap Ryder and steal the meteor to take over the city, the pups must work together and use their new powers–from Chase's super speed to Marshall's mighty heat, Rubble's super strength and more–to race to the rescue and save the day. As soon as Farmer Al starts falling upon his popped balloon, Ryder quickly orders Chase to catch him using his net. Upon hearing their plan, Ryder is shocked, and while the meteor is being loaded up into the robot, the pups hide behind two beach umbrellas, with Chase thinking up a plan. However, Harold presses a button and makes the rockets work again to the pups dismay. Pup's Save a Hoot/Pups Save a Monkey. He then finds a way to pop the bubble he is inside but finds out that he is stuck inside the garage. However, Mayor Humdinger chances upon them and turns it off, rendering it useless. Ryder then has Zuma to use his surfboard and powers to create a giant wave, making the Humdingers reverse back into the bay. As Chase begins to feel disappointed, he is reminded by Ryder’s words that a good leader never gives up. He then calls out Everest to freeze the vehicle as it falls, hindering their movement. As for Harold, he is stuck upside down in his robot’s head. The PAW Patrol soon arrive back at Adventure Bay and they all leave the PAW Patroller in their vehicles. PAW Patrol Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay! A fallen meteor has given the pups mighty powers – and left Adventure Bay in a mighty mess. Mayor Humdinger, upon hearing Cap’n Turbot’s warning, flees the scene as Harold unknowingly continues his calculations. Mighty Pups The Mighty Pups are a team of dog superheroes from the TV Show, Paw Patrol. is a console puzzle-platform game based on the children's television series PAW Patrol.It was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC/Steam on November 6, 2020. Back at the bottom of the Lookout, Chase briefs the pups that they need to find a way up to the Lookout and rescue Ryder. Zuma notices this and exclaims about it. Ryder then asks the pups to look out the Lookout window and to their surprise, the Lookout launcher transformed into a landing pad. As soon as they reach the ground, Ryder asks Skye to find the getaway car and she soon finds it without haste. He then comments that the rock was too high a temperature to push but is assured by Zuma. © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. The PAW Patrol once again races to the rescue before the meteor hit. She also thanks the PAW Patrol for saving the day and Ryder says his usual catchphrase. 99. "Ready Race Rescue". The pups all celebrate on Ryder’s safety and Ryder praises them, especially Chase for his leadership. TV Movie Ryder immediately checks the data on the meteor and confirms that the meteor was going to hit Adventure Bay. However, Harold activates a rocket chair and escapes away to Chase’s disbelief. Ryder then adds on that they would then have some cleaning up to do and Mayor Goodway passes Mayor Humdinger a pair of brooms to his annoyance. As they all look at the glowing structure, the Lookout begins lifting up into the sky and stays floating in mid-air. 0 Reviews. However, before they jumped, Chase makes a last-minute decision to join them and causes them to crash jump into the sky, bumping into Skye along the way. He often utilizes his great hearing abilities to save someone in danger when necessary. Previous Episode As Chase and the pups think of another plan, the silo top of Farmer Al’s farm, as well as other metal parts all around Adventure Bay, are taken up to the Lookout using the “Tractor Beam”. Harold then announces his plan to capture the pups, making Chase to ask everyone to run. PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay. Skye then comments that Ryder made Chase a leader for a reason and the pups all give him encouragement. Games Movies TV Video. French Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. As the meteor falls, Jake and Everest set up their telescope to stargaze having chanced upon a perfect opportunity. As it rose, the shaking of the structure releases Ryder from his garage and he runs out delighted. Mayor Goodway gasps at her trampled tulips, and runs away together with the terrified bystanders. However, without a fuel source, it causes the rock-shipped Lookout to fall back into Earth. However, his paws start melting the ice to his disbelief. In this high-flying, heroic mission, the PAW Patrol are given Mighty Pup powers after a mysterious meteor lands in Adventure Bay. Back at the Lookout’s original spot, Rubble is busy placing the Lookout down but finds it hard to do so. Back at the bottom, Ryder starts climbing the pole he uses when he deploys the PAW Patrol for missions in hopes of calling the pups on the big screen. As the pups take cover, Chase notices the meteor heading towards him and he runs for cover. Back at Adventure Beach, Harold is making calculations on where the meteor would strike. Ryder then starts briefing them on the mission and deploys Skye to spot the meteor snatchers with her new “Wind Rider wings”, Chase to use his super speed to catch up to the getaway car using his drag chute to slow down, and the other pups to use their gear to save the day. After cracking a joke, the pups all laugh as they rise up into the Lookout, with their new super outfits. Ryder then comments that another day may come for them to get them back and asks whether the pups want Pup-Treats. While Chase and Ryder walk slowly behind the running pups, Chase thanks Ryder for saving Chickaletta and also comments that he did not do a good job in leading his team. They all agree in excitement and they all run towards the lift, as the meteor emits its final glow. Chase concludes that the people in the vehicles were indeed the Humdingers and Ryder has Chase catch up to them once more. Chase then assures him that they got everything under control and Ryder has Marshall climb his ladder to pop the balloon and Skye for air support. Embark on super-heroic missions with the Mighty Pups and Chase’s Super Speed, Marshall’s Mighty Heat, Skye’s Whirlwind Power and the whole mighty PAW Patrol team. However, as he does so, his paws start melting the ice into a puddle. As he does so, Ryder checks on the pups and finds Marshall and the other pups pitching in on the clean-up instead of guarding the Humdingers’ vehicle. $14.99 $ 14. Join the Mighty Pups on a super-heroic mission to Save Adventure Bay. When Rocky comments on it, Ryder comments that he has to keep up with them Mighty Pups. Meanwhile, Harold successfully places the meteor inside the Lookout, but feels lonely talking to a rock. Chase overhears their new team name and readies the pups with a new catchphrase. He does so immediately. His power is Controlling Nature, and Vines and leaf swinging. As Ryder approaches the meteor to check on it, Chase comments that there was something weird about it and Rubble adds on, saying that it was still glowing. The next morning, the Kitten Catastrophe Crew run out of their lair terrified from being run over by the Humdingers’ new vehicle. PAW Patrol, Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower Playset with Lights and Sounds, for Ages 3 and Up. The PAW Patrol then conclude that since the Lookout and them were the only ones hit by the meteor, they all gained super powers, and they run towards the meteor to aid in the moving. Ryder then says his usual catchphrase and heads back to the Lookout with the pups. As they run, Harold is having trouble moving his robot. Paw Patrol Mighty Pups. However, annoyed, Harold decides to be the mayor instead and lets Mayor Humdinger be the assistant mayor. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The PAW Patrol then bring the meteor to a containment unit in their storage facility underground and Chase exclaims that it was fun of them to have super powers. Abby Hatcher + PAW Patrol Team Up for the Rescue! Register for free via the button below to start tracking prices. Price Price. Upon pushing a log onto the road, he thought that it was not enough and hence brought an entire train to act as a road block. Pups Save A Flying Frog/Pups Save The Space Alien. Upon realizing that they were on water, Chase activates his drag chute to prevent him from running into the water. However, he instead runs to the safety of a beach umbrella further away, and runs back to Rubble, bewildered. Mayor Humdinger is surprised by Ryder’s appearance and falls backwards, damaging the control panel for the big screen in the process. Even with Harold’s horrible driving, they manage to crash into Mayor Goodway’s tulips in front of City Hall and they soon begin extracting the meteor from its display. Zuma’s Super PAWs Deluxe Vehicle is equipped for action-packed mighty rescue missions, with lights and sounds, and real working wheels! However, this makes the robot do a backflip and with the rocket boosters turned on, it causes him to fly through the air uncontrollably. Marshall is then amazed by the solid ice Everest made and reaches out to touch it. One side is played from a top-down perspective and is effectively a simplified collectathon platformer. With the ramp being built, Chase asks Marshall to go up ahead first. As he dances again in victory, Mayor Humdinger comments that with the pups having powers, they may ruin Harold’s plan. As soon as they retrieved the meteor, Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta notices it, as well as her damaged City Hall and crushed tulips and calls the PAW Patrol, panic stricken. As Rubble and Chase question about what they did, Everest lets out a sneeze and freezes the meteor all over. Now it’s up to you and the Pups to use their powers, rescue skills and gadgets to make the town PAWsome again! PAW Patrol Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. They soon have a fun jump up to the Lookout. As Jake peers into the telescope, he chances upon the meteor and notices that it was heading towards Adventure Bay. As the meteor hurls towards Skye, she jumps to avoid it, but instead summons a wind tornado around her legs, letting her fly in the sky without her pup pack and her copter. However, he notices that it was too deep and asks Rubble to try digging it up. However, the hammer he creates makes the meteor roll away towards City Hall. Mayor Goodway agrees with the plan and leads Marshall and Zuma towards her trampled tulips. Using Rubble’s super strength, the backpack is opened and via Chase’s guidance, Rocky uses his pup-pack’s “Super-Vac” to suck the Meteor out and throw it overboard. He find them behind the beach umbrella and despite the pups’ efforts, all of them but Chase got captured. Although it does not work as intended, he hears the ongoing conversation between Harold and his uncle. Rubble then asks on what they were going to do with the meteor and is recommended by Mayor Goodway for it to not be put in City Hall. Chase then runs towards the other pups to tell them the situation. When a spaceship that Mayor Humdinger was planning to fly into space so that he could be the first mayor on the moon takes off without him and crashes into a meteor, the meteor comes plummeting down to Earth and crash lands … Mayor Goodway: The Overdramatic, but Friendly Mayor of Adventure Bay. Tracker reached out to touch the meteor, and when he did so, a pulse of energy sent him flying out of the tower. As they drive, Harold activates the tinted windows option on their vehicle to keep anonymous but is hindered from seeing properly. As the meteor approaches Adventure Bay, the PAW Patrol warns everyone to take cover through the streets and sky. Wikis. Chase then calls for help and is asked by Ryder to prepare his ball launcher. Ryder then splits everyone into two teams to clear the various parts of Adventure Bay; Ryder, Zuma and Rubble in one, and Chase, Rocky, Skye and Marshall in the other. They are successful in doing so and they soon begin driving back to Foggy Bottom. As they approach Adventure Beach, Harold uses the vehicle’s integrated Amphibious mode to transverse the sea’s surface. Tuck: A Male Golden Retriever Pup, and a member of the Mighty Pups, He is the Sister of Ella, and Rubble's New Best Friend. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Tracker climbed into the giant PAW Patrol badge and took a good look at the mighty meteor. And bring a friend along in 2-player co-op mode. Add new page. Upon the weird things happening to the pups, Rocky comments that something weird was happening and when he raises his right paw, he creates super tools in the sky. As Ryder catches Chickaletta, the oncoming meteor gets his attention and he immediately asks everyone to run for cover. Number As they came out, Rocky then decides that they all check out the meteor and the pups all run towards it with excitement without a disappointed Chase. He immediately disagrees and ends the call. Mighty Zuma is ready for mighty action in his Super PAWs Deluxe Vehicle! He then passes the pups and bangs into the Lookout, making it rise into space due to the thrust of the robot’s rockets. At the Lookout, Harold presents his uncle with the meteor and does a victory dance. The PAW Patrol laugh, and Chase assures him that they will let him down. Inside the vehicle, Mayor Humdinger begs Harold to give up and ask for hot cocoa, however Harold is annoyed by his negativity and activates the laser option to melt the ice around them. The pups all start looking all over the robot as the clock ticked. Even though Tracker is brave, he doesn't like being in dark places.Tracker is bilingual; he can speak in both English and Spanish. Shortly after, the PAW Patrol then begin spreading word that Adventure Bay was safe from the impact and everyone slowly came out from their cover. However, as he is about to announce another step, they are stopped by Chase with a warning. Paw Patrol, Mighty Pups Charged Up Rubble’s Deluxe Vehicle with Lights and Sounds, Multicolor. Join the Mighty Pups on a super-heroic mission to Save Adventure Bay. As he flies towards them, he has Rubble to use his super strength to build a road block. Out of the blue, the meteor suddenly radiates a strong surge of power and knocks the pups and Harold away from it. Explore the town and journey to Jake’s snowboarding resort, Tracker’s jungle and beyond, as you work together to rescue friends. He asks Mayor Humdinger to load it into the robot via tractor beam without the pups noticing. With Zuma (figure included) behind the wheel of his hovercraft, it’s time to race to the rescue! However, the chicken clucks he made scares Chickaletta even more and makes her fly onto the top of City Hall. As Ryder overhears the conversation between the Humdingers, he concluded that he needed to find a way to let the pups know on taking out the meteor. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Chase then shoots the treats onto the roof and successfully lures Chickaletta down together with Ryder catching her from her descent. They soon arrive at the barn to find Farmer Al clinging onto the silo roof with a big red balloon tied to his waist. He answers that he would use his super speed to watch him and that he would never leave his eye, thus they should help Ryder by starting the clean-up of Adventure Bay. Use his super speed to catch up to the getaway vehicle together with his new drag chute to slow him down. Mayor Humdinger then asks him to tap into its power to give him powers and expresses his excitement. As he does so, the pups, Cap’n Turbot, Mayor Goodway and the Porters notice it. However, as Harold explains that the rocket was capable of breaking through the Earth's atmosphere to Cap'n Turbot, he accidentally drops his laptop and launches the rocket up into space without his uncle. "Oh no", Ryder said, "Tracker!" Register Start a Wiki. As the Lookout flies further away from the ground, Chase comments that him and the pups must find a way to get to the Lookout or else they would not see Ryder again. As he asks them to clear away, Chickaletta flies onto a nearby tree branch, Chase, with his quick thinking, uses his megaphone to convince Chickaletta to come down. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After more encouragement from Marshall and Zuma, Chase takes on the role while Ryder works out a plan to clean up the mess Harold made. PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay, PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay, * These are the regions we are currently tracking, Purchasing through these links may earn us a small commission. Ryder deploys out on his ATV vehicle together with Chase in his police cruiser, Marshall in his fire truck and Skye in her copter from the PAW Patroller. Season Chase then asks Zuma to make a mini lake in-front of Harold and with his over-confidence, Harold belittles the puddle. Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Opening Ceremonies | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Adventure Bay Games, Pups Save the Marooned Mayors | Pups Save the Game Show | Pups Save Little Hairy | Pups Save a Kooky Climber | Pups Save Queen Cluck-Cluck | Pups Save a Desert Flounder. Despite this, Chase finds another way through their difficulties and asks Marshall to use his bubble blaster to shut off the rockets on the robot. With newfound confidence in the pups, Chase boosted their morale and Harold becomes furious and takes the situation serious. Ryder then brings down the Lookout’s periscope and puts his torchlight at the view finder, hoping that it would lead Chase to the meteor. As he places the final part, he begins to retrieve the meteor from City Hall. Wiki Chat Editing $1 Image Policy Consequences Extra Info The series. When Chase’s area has been fully cleared, he calls Ryder to report in but soon notices Mayor Goodway chasing after a petrified Chickaletta. In the PAW Patroller, Ryder and the pups receive the call from Everest and upon the news of a meteor, the pups gasp in shock. The duo then head towards Adventure Bay towards City Hall. It is the series' first 44-minute special episode and TV Movie. Without haste, she calls the PAW Patrol to warn them about it. Paw Patrol. Ryder: A 10 Year Old Tech-Savvy Boy, and the Leader of the PAW Patrol and Mighty Pups, he is the one who gives the Pups their Missions, and has a close bond with all of them. After reporting in that it was heading towards Foggy Bottom, Ryder has a hunch that it may be the Humdingers and asks Chase to chase after it using his super speed. Have fun together in 2-player co-op mode, unlock fun mini-games, rescue familiar friends and use each pup’s mighty powers to make the town PAWsome again!

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