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This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. I don't think it's so much him regretting killing Zeus himself, more the fact that he didn't want Atreus to find out what happened - he possibly shares Zeus' fear of his son killing him and 'replacing' him. If things had gone different then things might have been strained but better with Zeus. They weren’t always enemies, and most of Zeus’ evil actions can be chalked up to Kratos opening Pandoras Box in the first game. But killing them didn't undo the things they did, it was just senseless revenge, giving in to his anger, causing more pain to add to the cycle. He ruled over and manipulated the other gods while also using him as a pawn. Plus Zeus had a legitimate gripe with Kratos in GoWII, Kratos was on the warpath destroying Greece city by city out of anger. I'm sure he regrets everything. For one, Zeus didn't stick around. SO with that said, i remember atreus commenting on a story about a son killing their father- saying something along the lines of "who would ever kill their own father?" He could have stopped Ares from the events leading up to killing his own family. You mean of what Kratos really is and has done? He just hates the fact he was forced to go so far. He is a father again and Faye must be a real special, unique woman to bring love and all back to him. Bei Hyginus wird er mit lateinischem Namen Potestas genannt. because unlike most people i'm assuming i kind of interrupt their stories so i can continue playing stuff in the game bc i'm just way too excited about everything. He wants his son to become something better than he was, but how would his son react if he found out that his father killed his own father? "I killed many who were deserving...........and many who were not". and atreus was like, i do sometimes but s'not like i'd kill you or anything haha! God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. Plus Kratos is a father, he wants to break the Greek mythological cycle of sons killing/defeating fathers. He is certainly glad he killed zeus and ares and such but he clearly realises that he killed his entire civilisation. Yes, the gods were terrible to him. so i just thought that rapport was kinda interesting. He had his brother stolen from him, cursed his mother, in a way caused the death of Kratos's Wife and Child (although that might be stretching it --- that is mainly Ares's doing) and killed him and destroyed the his home city. That's why he stopped Baldur from killing his mother, too. And now he doesn't want Atreus to be the same person he was. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The interesting thing is, if he could go back to his lost battle knowing what he would do and become, would he have asked Ares to intervene? I saw someone point this out which would be cool to spread. I'm curious what anyone else thinks about this or how they interpreted this.Does Kratos actually regret kililng Zeus himself, or is it the shame of being a father killer, or is it his son's reaction? Kratos says "The cycle ends here" implying what you said. He doesn't want to make the same mistakes he did with his daughter with his son. All those people who asked him for help he kills in the past games to further his goal. Cursing Callisto and making her turn into that thing is on Zeus. The main time I can think of this is when Kratos and Atreus visit the dead Reavers body and Atreus can't believe it and looks at Kratos expecting some sort of reaction, but Kratos turns in the other direction because he can't even look at Atreus because the guilt is welling up inside of him From about the time from when Kratos was a young man (I'd say 14 or so) up until the end of God of War 3, Zeus had been the catalyst behind most of the terrible things that happened in Kratos's life. Yes. Thankfully, Atreus doesn't view it in this light but I find it interesting that Kratos didn't mention how terrible of a father Zeus was and didn't really get why he regretted killing Zeus. Press J to jump to the feed. Throughout the entire game ,it seems that Kratos regretted killing Zeus and for the longest time and I couldn't really understand why. Zeus brought his Death on himself because of his fear of Kratos, and quite frankly deserved to die. and this was when i had no idea that kratos killed zeus bc i never played any GOW after the first one. He becomes very solemn, quiet and sometimes defensive whenever he is brought up. and kratos was like, o rly when do you get angry at me??? Kratos (griechisch Κράτος, Macht, Stärke) ist in der griechischen Mythologie die Personifikation der Macht und rohen Gewalt. Atreus is his real chance at redemption. I see it differently than people in this thread. and kratos being like, "hrmph...". Plus Zeus had a legitimate gripe with Kratos in GoWII, Kratos was on the warpath destroying Greece city by city out of anger. Not caring when kratos is about to jump off the cliff at the end of part 1 to commit suicide is on Zeus. Or he just didn't want Atreus to think he was some kind of monster, and, as the game suggests, that that is the fate of all Gods. Which is ALSO what Zeus says to Kratos at the beginning of GoWII. Imprisonment and torture of Deimos is on Zeus. Not because he misses him or has forgiven him for what he did, but because he found out that revenge brought him no solace. Plus Zeus had a legitimate gripe with Kratos in GoWII, Kratos was on the warpath destroying Greece city by city out of anger. It didn't change a thing, it didn't end his nightmares, it didn't make him a better person. Like Odin, Zues fears/hates prophecy. This is why I'm hoping we get a DLC surrounded by how/when Kratos met Faye. then later, arteus mentioned that he gets angry at kratos sometimes. Its one thing to tell atreus " i killed my father" how about "i killed thousands of fuckin inocents BOY! Plus Kratos is a father, he wants to break the Greek mythological cycle … Zeus was probably no saint before that, but his worst actions were a direct result of that. I do think Kratos regrets killing Zeus. It’s less of that and more of, he’s trying to shelter his son from finding out that he killed him. I didn't really get why Kratos seemed remorseful for killing him but now I think the reason is just due to the fact that Kratos is the ashamed of the fact that he is a father killer and while Zeus didn't love Kratos, Kratos actually loves Atreus and doesn't want his son knowing that he killed his father because he is afraid that Atreus might disown him. Er ist ein Sohn des Pallas und der Styx. Zues' main problem was the pride and arrogance after ending the Great War and then being infected with Fear. Then maybe Zeus should have done what the Gods promised him. He's a POS dad considering all the 'things' he's sired. He wanted to end the cycle. But possibly wishing he did have some kind of father after raising Atreus (dont mean to get to deep for some people but this is also how i feel being a son from a single mother lifestyle approaching the point fatherhood) He still thinks Zeus should have been slain but in a perfect world he wouldn't have to kill his parent, as with Baldur being stopped from killing his parent, Death of a parent occurs a few times in this game. Kratos wanted the Cycle to really End here. He wants so protect Boy from reaching a point of no return. I took it more as he direly didn't want Atreus to learn of his past, Father-killing is a common practice in any mythology. Leaving kratos without a daddy to grow up with is on Zeus. The cycle thing made things a lot worse. Seine Geschwister sind Zelos, Bia, und Nike. Or posting anything related to GOW really. As Zeus killed his Father and so on. The father is trying to become in the newest game would've likely allowed himself to die knowing his wife and daughter would live and he wouldn't have brought destruction to his homeland. Kratos from the previous 7 games is very unlike the one we see now. i can't remember what happened exactly during the times when mimir or kratos were telling stories to atreus while on the boat. Kratos regrets killing Zeus because he wishes he had just walked away and gone on to live his own peaceful life, like he did anyway. Zeus was probably no saint before that, but his worst actions were a direct result of that. Based on the dialogue at the end of the game, some who deserves and some who didn't, seems like Kratos doesn't regret what he's done just regretting it had to happen. Why should Atreus listen to his own father when his father didn't care enough to respect his own father's life? ", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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